Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tired swimming day

On Tuesdays each week the pool where I swim is only open for lap swimming from 3-5pm. I have discovered that I don't like swimming at that time of day because I'm already tired from the day's work. That was true today, as I struggled to do my typical 1,000 yards in 30 minutes. My flip-turns were also off-target and lazy. I meet with my coach tomorrow morning, so I hope I'm feeling rested and healthy. My backstroke is back to being strong (I pulled a muscle doing backstroke about a week ago), and to hasten its healing I stopped doing backstroke until today. I also lightened the weights I lifted during my two dry land workouts. I might have worked out with weights again, but guess what? I pulled a muscle in my trapezius somewhere and I've been icing it all evening. My trapezius and me go way back. I first tore it (felt and heard a 'pop') in 2006 after carrying a load of dirty clothes to the washer in my apartment. That's a pretty dumb story, and it shows how old I'm getting! Today though, I wasn't doing laundry. Instead, I was at my 1,000th yard in the pool doing breaststroke and I felt the familiar twinge in my upper back that told me I needed to stop immediately. So I did. I hope I'm good for tomorrow's swim practice.   

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