Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 2010 report

Looking back at my records for June 2010, I see a month of rather low effort on my part. The summer months are not particularly busy at work so I should have plenty of time for my workouts. But summer is also a time for laziness, and that is part of the reason why I didn't do a lot of weight-lifting this month. But laziness isn't the right word. It's just that I often ran out of time in the evenings when I usually do my weigh-lifting. There were phone calls or late dinners or socializing at the pool, or...I don't know what. It wasn't really laziness but a lack or lower level of motivation to keep to a workout schedule. I only weight-lifted 8 days out of 30 for an average of 952 pounds per day (27,462.5 pounds / 30 days = 952). Of course, if I only considered the 8 days when I lifted, the average would be much higher (27,462.5 / 8 = 3,433). But that's not how I keep records. These meager sums are not going to lead to improved strength, injury prevention, greater confidence, or better physique without a shirt.

There was one area where I broke a monthly record: exercise intensity. I have defined this particular parameter elsewhere in this blog (see definitions at side panel), but briefly, exercise intensity is a representation of how hard I work my cardiovascular system. In terms of frequency, I did cardio on 26 out of 30 days. A lot of that was swimming (18 days). I played softball on 5 days, I hiked or walked on 3 days, I went for a bike ride once, and I went running once. I would like to increase the cycling and running, but I like swimming so much and I do need rest days, so I guess I've got a good thing going anyway.

Another possible bright spot is pull-ups. I did pull-ups on 6 days in June, and this gave me a 1 pull-up/day average for the month. I haven't met that threshold since Jan 2010. I think I can increase this now without injuring myself.

Photo of the Month
Me at my neighborhood pool where I swim when the indoor facility I normally use is closed.

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