Thursday, July 29, 2010

First day back

Yesterday I indicated that today I would swim and lift weights as a way to re-start my exercise program after vacation. I am happy to report that I did both things. I meant to swim at the college pool where I usually workout, but I had some car trouble and didn't make it in time before the facility closed. So after work I came home and it wasn't too hard to get motivated for weight-lifting. I started with 5 upright rows at 85 pounds, proceeded to calf raises and chest punches, then I did a couple pull ups and finished off with 2 sets of 15 bench presses at 85 pounds. This represents a mediocre workout, as I didn't want to overtax my body after two weeks of doing nothing. I am terribly fearful of hurting myself so I keep the weight down.
After dinner I went to my community pool to swim laps for 25 minutes or so. I was doing great--my freestyle stroke felt really powerful. But after a 6th lap of breastroke I felt my trapezius tense up and I thought I should stop. A couple hours later, it is still sore. Damn! I'm not seriously injured, but I want this trapezius soreness to go away. I had it for a few weeks before leaving on vacation, and I needed ibuprofen for the first 5 days of my trip.
It seems like I'm always injured. Is this normal?

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