Saturday, July 31, 2010

Running, revisited

I went on a date with a woman who likes running, and she is training for a national marathon in November. "Do you like running because it's fun, or are you training for a race?" she asked me yesterday. I said "neither," explaining that I'm not training for a race, and I run only because I know it's good for me. "I don't think it's fun," I said. All of this was the truth, but it skirted the fact that I don't run with regularity. I swim most days but I run as cross-training only once in a while. Did I say I ran once a week? I hope I didn't, because while that has always been my intention, I have never met that challenge. Looking back at my records, the last time I went for a run was...June 10, 2010. And before that, the last time I went running was May 25, 2010. And before that, May 15, 2010. So I was doing pretty well until mid summer. So it's time to run again.
This afternoon I ran for 21 minutes plus 6 minutes of walking for warm up and cool down. My average heart rate was 155 bpm with a peak at 188 bpm. I burned 402 calories. I'm curious about the maximum heart rate because it exceeds the 185 bpm that is predicted to be my maximum heart rate (220 - 35 years old = 185). I know, I know. Everyone says that the 220-age rule is inaccurate, but who's to say what is, without hooking yourself up to equipment that measures VO2max? Lacking that equipment, I guess I can now say that my maximum heart rate is 188--probably higher, since I did not feel any ill effects during my run...unless you count muscle cramps in the chest and abdomen or the constant inner voice crying for me to stop because running isn't comfortable.
But gosh, one day soon, I know my date is going to ask me to go running with her. I better shape up quick by going running more often. How about I run again in 4 days? I should be recovered by then! I'll also try to go longer--say, 25 minutes plus warm-up time.

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