Friday, April 29, 2011

Re-set Day #3

Today is the third day of working out after a period of relative inactivity. Three days ago I set some goals for the coming week and I've achieved a few and let others slide. Today is no different, but at least I've gotten to do something each day, which is different from before. My goal for today was to swim early this morning, run in the evening, and do a short gym workout. I did most of that:

I awoke early and got to the pool, but it wasn't open at 8:25 when I arrived. Student life guards are responsible for opening the college pool from 7-9am, but this is the end of the semester and I suspect who ever was responsible for this morning's opening wasn't all that responsible! Anyway, I was able to take some time right after noon to go for a swim. I did 1,100 yards, mostly freestyle but a few laps each of breaststroke and backstroke. My backstroke by the way is feeling really good. I don't get as tired after a lap now in comparison to last summer.

wild phlox seen on my nature walk
Late in the afternoon I took a walk with a group of students in a nearby nature reserve to look for wildflowers and an owl nest that was spotted there earlier by am acquaintance. We didn't find any owls unfortunately, but we were greeted by the delicate whites, purples, blues, and yellows of rue anemone, phlox (photo at left), bluets, and yellow violets, respectively. The owl nest was supposed to be near a patch of marsh marigold--a wetland plant with yellow blooms--but I couldn't find any marigolds and thus, no owls. According to MapMyRun, we walked 1.6 miles. Though this was not a "run" as I had planned, I am still counting it as exercise. So no running today!

My gym workout was composed of more bench presses (105 pounds; one set of 11 reps and a second set of 7 reps). some elastic band exercises for my shoulders, and 2 pull-ups. My pectoralis is still very sore from the previous days' bench presses. My infraspinatus is not sore today, but my external rotation of the left shoulder is still very weak compared to that of my right shoulder.

I will try to do a run tomorrow morning before I see my girlfriend later in the day. I also expect to have time for a gym workout, which would be beyond my initial plans. On the other hand, maybe after Day #4 I should give my body a day of rest. I'll think about that. Workout plans made a few days ago must be adaptable to current conditions. I'm not afraid to take a day's rest at this point. I have momentum now!

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