Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Breaking the weight-lifting drought

I've completely let go of weight lifting for about a month...36 days to be exact. It all started with a 4-day conference and the preparations leading up to it. Upon my return, there were other engagements at work and a few weekends spent with friends.  So those are my excuses. So what am I going to do about it?!
I need to start back up with a slow transition from nothing to something. I propose this for two reasons: (1) I don't want to hurt myself, and (2) I don't want to set a goal/make promises I can't keep. So here is my schedule for the next two weeks:
Wed 27th: Swim practice as usual (1300 yards). When can I do some lifting? I teach an evening class. I will endeavor to come home from 5pm to 6pm before my 6:30pm class. I will do 115-pound bench press reps to exhaustion or up to 15 which ever comes first. Based on how that goes, I will add weight and do another set with fewer reps. Well, hmm, that doesn't sound like starting slow. So let's start with 105 pounds instead. I will also do rotator cuff exercises because I need to do those to keep my shoulders in shape. Finally, I'll do 2 pull-ups.
Thurs 28th: I'll swim again in the afternoon (1100 yards). Then I'll come home around 5pm and repeat the exercises I did the day before (even if sore).
Fri 29th: I teach through 4pm and then I'll probably head over to a friend's house. There won't be much time for weightlifting or swimming, so let me squeeze an outdoor run into my lunch break. I'll leave around 12:45 and come back 20 min later. Don't forget the hear rate monitor and the MP3 player! I'll grab lunch after my run and then teach class at 2pm.
Sat 30th: Probably no swimming, and I'll be sore from the run the day before. But let's fit in some weightlifting (add upright row to the list). 
Biceps on 2/24/11. I won't stay this strong if I fail to workout regularly!
Sun May 1st:  Church in the morning, but I'll have time to do a bike ride in the afternoon. I'll also do a lifting workout: bench press, rotator cuff, pullup, bicep curls, lateral raise, and abdominal crunches...the whole list (I used to do this sort of thing every day).
Rest of May:  Responsibilities at work lighten considerably, so I will do cardio every day and lift weights to some degree four days a week. I have to get in shape for my first triathlon in mid June!
I know that tonight I can write any plans I want, but it won't do me any good if I don't commit. So I will update this blog each day through the end of the month, reporting on what I did or didn't do. My readership is small, but the point with the daily updates is just to keep me energized and ensure I follow through.

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