Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I signed up for an abbreviated triathalon at work

Last year my workplace held a weight-loss competition modelled after the "Biggest Loser" TV show. I didn't participate because, frankly, I don't have any weight to lose so I wouldn't have been a competitive member of a team. But this year the office is holding a mini triathalon...kind of. The race is in multi-stages (not all in one day), and not all members of the team have to run, bike, and swim. Each team will have 5 members:
  1. someone who only swims (400 yards);
  2. someone who only runs (2 miles);
  3. someone who only cycles (5 miles);
  4. someone who only walks (2 miles); and
  5. someone who does three of the above four exercises.
The cycling will be on the stationary bicycles in my company's fitness center. The swimming will be in a nearby pool. I assume the walking is put in the mix (making this a quadrathalon, actually) so that people who have a lower cardiovascular fitness level can still participate.

When I heard about this competition I was very excited because it meant I could show off my newly developed swimming skills. As it turns out, though, because the event is held over several days (to be compatible with everyone's varying work schedules), very few people will actually be at the pool to see me swim. Only my team and an opposing team will be there. I wanted a bigger audience. Yes, mostly to show off. But also, I am thinking of joining a Master's Swim Team and this would be a good trial run.

Teams have not been fully formed yet, and it's my job to recruit some members. The first guy I asked happens to have been a competitive swimmer in a past life, so again, instead of showing off to my team, it may well be that he swims faster than me. Well, shit. This won't be the boost to my ego I looked forward to. Nevertheless, the more important thing as the teamwork and the personal improvement that will come by training. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up being my team's cyclist.

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