Friday, June 1, 2012

Goals for June 2012

In my last post I evaluated how well I attained my May fitness goals and my self-grade was a C. The whole point in working out is self-improvement, so I want to get a better grade in June! So here is my plan:

  • June 9-10: Bike MS Escape to the Lake. This is a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society that hundreds of thousands of cyclists do all across the country. This will be my first year participating. I've chosen a 137-mile route from near Pittsburgh to the shore of Lake Erie.

Monthly Goals:
  1. Cycling. Obviously I'll do at least 137 miles, since that is part of the Bike MS event. I am also planning a 25-mile ride with my parents at the end of the month. Adding another 50 miles in weekly rides (this would be closer to 80 if I weren't planning to be out of town for some of the month), that gives me a realistic goal of 212 miles. If I attain this, it would be the second month where I rode more than ever before.
  2. Running. This goal is easy to set. I want to run more this month than in any other before it. That sounds dramatic, but given my low running totals, it's completely attainable. Besides, I can run anywhere, even if I'm out of town.
    1. I will run 22 miles in June.
    2. I will also make sure that at least one of my runs will exceed 4.8 miles (my un-met goal from last month) 
  3. Swimming.
    1. I will swim 11.3 miles in June, which is an average amount.
    2. I will make sure 4 of my swims are an hour in length.
    3. The majority of my swims will include: (1) diving, (2) 125 yards of straight butterfly, (3) at least two 100 IM. Practicing my dives will help me spend more time in the air. I need to build endurance in the butterfly. My best friend does a lot of IMs and that's inspiring. I want to see if I can do what he does (eventually).
  4. Bird Hikes. I think four hikes with bicoculars this month is not unreasonable, and I always enjoy it.
  5. Weight-Lifting. Last month I said I'd do a workout 3 times per week. That still seems reasonable, but in reality I did just 3 workouts in the entire month. 
    1. I will do 6 workouts in the month. 
    2. I will start most of these workouts with leg raises as a warmup, since my swim coach wants me to work on building my abdominal muscles.
    3. My biceps circumference will increase 0.20 inch to 11.5 inches.
    4. My forearm circumference will increase 0.25 inch to 11.25 inches.
    5. My chest size will increase 0.25 inch to 43.25 inches.

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