Saturday, January 28, 2012

First racing suit bites the dust

I've stopped posting to my blog regularly. There are assorted reasons for this but the main reason is I found another website that enables me to post my workouts and have people comment on them. I can also use that site at work and post things right away instead of waiting until I get home. I also get more consistent feedback there (no offense to my 11 Blogger followers, but I have 37 on the other website).

Anyway, despite the fact that I don't post much to Blogger anymore, I still think of lots of things to talk about here. For example, I was cleaning up my room and found my first racing swimsuit. I bought it a couple years ago and I posted the announcement on this blog. But the thing wore out so quickly that I had to buy a second one only months later.

My old suit was a Speedo "Lunar Twist" jammer, purchased for $45. It consisted of 74% nylon and 26% spandex. Apparently the Lycra spandex component is sensitive to pool chemicals, and one day I noticed that the fabric that stretched across my rear end was getting thin. I replaced this suit with a new suit made of Speedo Endurance fabric, and that has lasted more than a year.

I am NOT a hoarder but I do keep things with sentimental value and I put this worn-out swimsuit back in its box because I didn't want to throw it away. Well, it's been a while and I think maybe I should discard it. So, like I've done before, I am proclaiming how great its been to learn how to swim, to work with a coach every week, and join a competitive swim team. I swim at least 4 times a week, and putting on a racing suit is no longer an unusual event. So, thank you to my friend Dan who got me into swimming, thank you to my coach J.G., and thank you old swimsuit for giving me confidence in the water.

Now, regrettably, the suit is in the trash, and I can continue to clean my room.

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