Monday, July 11, 2011

Road bike suggestions

I'm about to start looking for a second bicycle. My existing bike is a Trek hybrid that I bought in 1991 as a high schooler. The price of the bike back then was $299.95 (I still have the receipt), and in today's dollars that would equate to around $585! Hybrids are really popular today, but in 1991 I didn't know of anyone with a hybrid...especially one with a 23" frame. Even today, I sit taller on the bicylce than I do when I drive my car. My bike has treated me well, and I plan to keep riding it for years to come. It's my workhorse. I ride it to work, I ride it to do errands, and I have ridden it on thousands of miles of gravel bike paths throughout the eastern USA. However, the bike's steel frame and treaded tires slow me down when trying to climb hills in my hilly neighborhood. I found myself at a competitive disadvantage during a recent triathlon race.

And since I had so much fun with that triathlon, I want to do more. Having a bike designed for road races will be fun and motivating, too. So, what kind of bike should I get? My budget is around $1,000 so what I'm looking for is an entry-level road bike for someone who rides on hilly rural roads and enters the occassional race. Do my readers have any suggestions with regards to brand or components I should be looking for?


  1. I would first suggest you get fitted on a road bike at a biking store. From there I would start combing Craigs list and eBay for used bikes. You can get a really good bike for a smaller price.

    If you want some good bike reviews then check out That will get you onto the right components, etc. I suck at that type of thing. Too mechanical for me! :)

    Good luck in your shopping!

  2. THis is a conversation that can last for days. Fit is the most important thing to remember, if it doesnt fit, you will hate it. In your proce range, compenents will either be sora, tiagra and if your lucky, 105 (entry level racing compenents) More then likely it will be an alumunium frame, "maybe" will have a carbon fork. I agree with Christi, ebay or craiglist can get you more for your $ or buying new, but you will have to bring it into a bike shop and get fitted (fitting is usually free if you buy from them) and I highly suggest a tune up (which are usually free if you buy from a LBS) I dunno what LBS are close to you. If you have more questions, feel free to email me