Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nerve pain after treadmill run

On average, I go running about once or twice a month. At least, that's what I did in 2010 for a total of 48 miles (each run is 2-3 miles). Running is new to me though. In 2009, I only ran 4 miles! And before that, I never ran. Despite the running total of 48 miles in 2010, almost none of that occurred in the last four months of the year. For example, I recorded one 30-min run on Aug 28, 2010 and then nothing until Dec 23, 2010 when I ran on a treadmill. I was terribly sore after that treadmill run, such that it was hard getting in and out of a car. Sure, my leg and torso muscles were sore, but I had a more serious and "shooting" pain at the base of my spine that would radiate into the back of my thighs when I bent my waist or hips a certain way. And the pain was so severe on Dec 27, 2010, when I attempted to do another run on the treadmill that I stopped and walked very fast instead.

By January 5, 2010, I was well enough to again run on a treadmill and I ran for 32 minutes. I ran again on Jan 7th and 10th and one last time on Jan 31st. I was not sore in mid January, but I am sore again yesterday and today. The pain seems related to the sciatic nerves and I wonder why I'm feeling pain like that at age 36. I hope it will subside and improve as I increase the frequency of my runs. I figure the more I run, the more my spine and muscles will adjust to the forces related to each footfall. Our bodies are built to modify themselves in the face of new physical stresses, so come on body, do your work and let me run some more! 


  1. Ha! I've had sciatic issues since I was in my 20's--it's not really the result of age so much as wear and tear--there can be a lot of factors. Be careful with the running--it can tighten your IT band, which can make sciatic pain worse or lead to knee issues (if pain starts affecting your stride). Probably the best exercises for it are related to mobility and strength of the hip flexors and lower abdominal muscles. Hope it's better now, though!

  2. Thanks Laura! I've used the treadmill twice and ran outside once since writing this post. I kept the mileage down, and I successfully avoided pain. Oh yeah, probably the most important thing was I replaced my running shoes. I think that made a huge difference.