Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sudden drop in body weight

I just updated the graphs and descriptions of how my fitness program, started about 2.5 years ago, has changed me in terms of physical dimensions. Please see the full page for considerable details on my body weight, fat percentage, and chest circumference has changed over the years. One big thing I noticed is that in 2010, my body weight reached a peak of 175 pounds in August and then dropped sharply to 171 in December. While 4 pounds is far from alarming, if you look at the trend in the graph below, you can see that the change is nevertheless significant.

What's that unusual drop in body weight in December 2010 about?
I have no convincing explanation for this drop. My stress level at work has been creeping up lately, but it's nothing I haven't handled before. My food intake might have decreased just a little over the last couple months, but so has my average exercise intensity and duration. I'm not sick or injured in any way, and in fact, I'm experiencing just the opposite kind of feelings, as I have recently fallen in love with a great gal. That's got to count for something, and love should not decrease one's body weight!

Of all the explanations above, I've got to conclude that the stress from work has taken its toll. My psyche is usually the last one to know when I'm stressed out. Usually my body gets sick or injured, and then I realize I've been under too much stress. Perhaps this drop in body weight is a signal to keep that stress in check and get back to a more relaxing pace in my work. Easier said than done!

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