Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to being a new jock

It's been 10 days since my last post. Sometimes there is a project at work that must take priority over being a new jock. That has been true less and less as my desire to maintain myself at a heightened level of fitness has increased. But alas, I had a super big deadline on Oct 15th that I was working toward, and I worked day and night on it. That is significant, since I do my workouts mostly in the evening. Happily, I met the deadline and took off for the weekend to visit family. So now I'm back and tomorrow must feature a re-start of my workouts. I did, in fact, do some kayaking over the weekend (at Muddy Run Reservoir), and I was able to fit some swimming in early last week, but I feel way off my workout routine, particularly the weight-lifting. So what shall I do tomorrow? Answer: do a full weigh-lifting circuit, grossing at least 4,000 pounds. Also, I hope to bike >10 miles if the weather holds...if not, I will do cycling on the stationary bike.

I need to get the cycling going because I have a "race" coming up. I put the word "race" in quotes because I really will be racing, but the race is on a stationary bike at work. We have a fitness program at work called a mini triathalon, and my team will be going up against about 8 other teams with the goal of walking, running, swimming, and cycling faster than any other team. The cycling part of the competition will be on stationary bikes in the fitness center; each contestant is to go 5 miles on the stationary bike as fast as s/he can. Hopefully, I'll be a fast cyclist. I'll let you know.

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