Friday, June 18, 2010

Must be the goggles!

I find myself starting my blog many months after starting my workouts, so my stories won't start in the beginning. Please join me 10 months into my training program in swimming (I started in Sept 2009)...

Yesterday I had swimming practice with my coach. This is about the 35th workout session with him since I started swimming in Sept 2009. We meet for an hour each week during which time he teaches me new swim strokes, gives me pointers on how to improve the efficiency of strokes, and runs drills to improve my cardiovascular endurance.

I recently bought new swim goggles to replace a pair that I had lost. The old pair (Aqua Sphere Kaiman) leaked bad whenever I dove, but the new pair is more streamlined so it hopefully will be better (Speedo Vanquisher 2.0). So yesterday when I swam 400 yards of freestyle without resting in between laps, my coach remarked "it must be the goggles!" I had swum that far before, but it was always a mix of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. I'm not sure why, but my coach views freestyle as the most "professional" of the strokes, so it seems that I've got more "cred" now.

My coach also had me play a game in which he called out certain motions for me to do and I would have to do them in sequence. Maybe if he has me do those again, I'll remember what he called them. Anyway, I made a comment about how uncoordinated I felt, and he responded by saying that I was "more coordinated than most." That's an amazing observation, because it is so far from my view of myself that I can't really believe he was serious. But he was.

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  1. I use these in my water exercise class, and have been very happy with the quality, and the greater level of water resistance these provide than provided by the aqua barbells at the facility. Love the color. Seems like lots of folks have these, but many more in the blue and white than charcoal & red. I too, had the issue of water leaking from the handles when I was done. However, I'm now sure that I set them on end when I am done, and the water seems to drain out fairly quickly.